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For a limited time the $25 subscription will include a free reading and be only $10 per month for the first 40 patrons only.  Spaces are filling up fast and once full I can not add any more with readings as it's not physically possible for me to do it. Until sold out you will get a personal card reading, have access to all my Esoteric Pure Magic news and special events. This is a monthly payment and an ongoing dedication to happiness. I specialise in magic, telepathy and cutting edge developments in the astral realms in the knowledge we are already heading towards a world of joy and happiness. I am not everybody's cup of tea and if you are not already 'awake' this may be a waste of time for you at this stage. I suggest you click to join if you 'feel' right about it :) This is for the seekers, the awakened and the awakening, I talk deep spiritual talk and use Magic and Magick.

  • You will receive one personal card reading each month from my oracle deck with information on how to use your intuition to read it yourself. 
  • You will receive patron only tips, tricks and profound findings
  • Each month I will magically choose one person for a one Hour Phone personal psychic reading or Success Coaching session  
  • You will get advance and private videos on Telepathy and Magick in the real world
  • Special sales and prices for VIP members in my shop
  • Advance notice for specials and promotions
  • Periodic 'pieces' of living inanimate magicked things sent to you as magic 'alive' gifts
  • Exclusive access to retreats

Doing it this way enables me to have a broader audience, instead of just one on one and I can help more people at a much lower price. I work directly for Divine Source and just let people be led to me. It's always served me well so far, So if you have got this far in reading this, maybe we are supposed to know each other, you can find out more about me at here on this webpage, feel free to look around. 

Big Love xxx

Letitia Lee

success coach, intuitive counsellor, Hollywood insider, witch...

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Letitia Lee