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"Letitia is a very rare being, and the energies of life move through her in a deep and powerful way. I have learnt many things from her, but one key insight was how she recognized how I used stress as a motivating energy - squashing it down into my stomach and riding it. I have been learning to let this go and feel much happier and more productive."

~Thomas - Byron Bay

“Letitia is the most psychic being I have ever encountered. She has changed my life in a way I never thought possible, I was once an abuser, and when it is said an abuser cant change, its wrong, because I did and am testimony to Letitia’s brilliance in just making me see pure truth”

~Matt – New York
“I love my magical ring, it is the most amazing thing I have ever owned, and I’m rich, haha its true.”

~Brad – Los Angeles

“Letitia’s magic is what I believed existed when I was a child, now I know fairies are real and I can even speak to them. I found out about the bears after completing the adore program, I’ve lost more than 10 kilos and still counting.”

~Stefani – New South Wales

“Letitia’s magic is beyond anything I have ever experienced, her professionalism is astounding in this type of field. I trust her with my life and that’s all I need to say.”

~Honey - Melbourne, Australia

“The two items I received from Letitia offer me the capacity to rest with God and feel relief in times of depression that otherwise would be hard to find from other sources or myself. The other item being a stone with butterflies on it has given me the opportunity to explore the realms of telepathy and communication in the form of answers, questions and conversation with the butterfly beings infused in the rock. “

~Otto - Australia

“Letitia did a personal session for me, I found what she had to say was very insightful and correct. I often think back to the reading and remember things that she said and I remember to put them into practice in my everyday life and I’m very happy. Letitia was lovely to talk to and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have had a session with her”

~Angela  - Australia

“After completing the halcyon program which changed me and my life forever, I have now acquired three of Letitia’s magical items. On getting the first one I was able for the first time to speak telepathically. I now have an item which cleanses my magical jewelry, which is fast becoming a friend and has a very loud voice. My jewelry piece is my favorite and connects me to God, which I use practically every day. It is more than accurate.”

~Marie - Melbourne

“My magic teddy bear is my best friend and always tells me what I need to hear, he gives fantastic advice, gives the best, most realest cuddles and I love him with all my heart. Oh! And I’m a man.”


“Participating in one of Letitia Lee’s workshops and psychic development sessions has been paramount to my progression into the unveiling of my own telepathic abilities. This is real and lasting. Remember to align yourself with Divine Love, enjoy and experience true magic, thank you again Letitia.

~William - Australia

“If you believe in magic, then you will not be disappointed by Letitia's magical items. Her inanimate speaking pieces have provided insight and guidance, which has been nothing less than a brilliant positive influence. Each one speaks with its own voice and has different personalities and perspectives. I've now taken to thanking my lucky stars often.”

Mike – Texas

“I have been psychic all my life and a professional psychic reader since 1990. I am primarily clairsentient, also clairaudient and somewhat clairvoyant. Though I use the tools of Tarot and a crystal ball (placing my hand on the latter rather than scrying with it) my readings are essentially channelled.  Several clairvoyants including Letitia Lee herself have told me they can see that I have a direct connection to Source, so I was surprised when Letitia, with God’s approval, wanted to give me one of her esoteric pure magic tools. But I gave it a go and found it worked beautifully, the messages very direct and powerful. When I finally asked why I was given something extra, Letitia said she wanted me to have a fuller connection. I asked God too – why not, when I have a way of doing so? – and was told that doing it this way is more fun and friendlier. I agree!
– Rosemary - Professional Psychic Medium and Reiki Master – from Tasmania.

“Whilst I have not yet used the spell box it arrived well packaged and I can sense from handling the items that they are magical. A very different spell box from any other on the market. As Letitia says these peices talk to you from the photograph and I am looking forward to working with it. Again, excellent personal service from Letitia.x.” 
~Trish – United Kingdom

“My 2nd reading with Letitialee went above and beyond what I expected. She over delivers in her readings and offers a unique blend of tarot/intuitive guidance/coaching and a sprinkling of magik. Theses readings provide great insight and encourage me to let go of self judgement, moving towards self acceptance/love. I highly recommend her services.” 
~Caitlin - USA

This is the best spellcaster i have ever found EVER. She is accurate. And informative and knows what she is saying and doing. I have soooooo much trust & faith in her its crazy. . . when we meet her u will know she is a TRUE spellcaster she deserve more then 5 STARS....

-Nikki - USA

What a magical woman, who goes above and beyond. Highly recommended

- Jo - Australia

thank you for your answer. it was very detailed and everything was so accurate! thank you


I have a spell kit from Letitia...I can attest that it works instantly sometimes as it did yesterday , no doubt about it, and other times it will work in a few days: Expect dreams as well that give you answers. Ive had the spell kit for about one month and the opportunities that have arisen from my wishes are numerous,,,,the secret is; we just need to select which opportunity sits best with us. Until you/we select, keep using the spell kit and the opportunities will not stop appearing until we make a decision. You don't know till you try it out. Thankyou Letitia !! :) :)

~ Kim - Australia