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Letitia Lee's programs focuses on emotion, defining emotion in each separate form to enable one to feel deeply and understand the individual emotions that make up the bevy of emotions we feel on a day to day basis. This categorisation enables one to first recognise the emotion for what it is and develop a deep appreciation for it. This appreciation allows one to enjoy life in a fuller and more sustainable way. This assists the self to face emotion and not run away from it. It therefore removes the suffering of pain, fear and other negative emotions, as they are now able to be witnessed and accepted to be part of the whole human experience. It allows one to experience the richness of all emotions and the acceptance that every emotion is a sensation that should be treasured and valued. It allows one to live life to the very fullest in the most extraordinary of ways even when going through what some may see as mundane motions. It puts you into your full power.

Letitia defines success as true happiness which comes from being loved and to love and begins this journey with self love. Love is the highest power, she examines the goodness that lies within every one of us, she shows us how we are the creators of our own being and how we choose to be the people we are no matter what we have been through or what society may think of us. She seeks to free one from the constraints of fear and loathing and become the true person we are inside. Letitia believes that it is only when we truly love ourselves can we become authentic, genuine loving members of society that not only excel to their greatest ability but contribute to the greater consciousness of the whole world.


Fiverr Special Prices

For a limited time only Letitia will personally answer one question 3 ways using witchcraft for $10 (usd). She will answer each question with an intuition read, then a 3 card reading and then a reading with her wand. These are very accurate and if you are scared to hear the answer and it might be what you don't want to hear but it's true...don't ask as she will tell you. Letitia Lee also provides gigs for spells and hexing and business coaching. Please click the fiverr widget above to check out my services (gigs) or fill in the form below and Letitia Lee will contact you directly.