​I Am Everything
by Letitia Lee

Do you have any idea
Who I am?
Obviously not
Well, let me fill you in
I am everything

I am the elements
I am the wind
In your ears
Whispering words you can’t fathom
Echoing belonging in your very essence

I am the fire
In your belly
Burning out of control

I am the water of emotion
Laden and dredged full

Bursting and liberated

I am earth
Strong and true
With a grounding so perverse
So free
I am free
I am everything

Don’t you understand?
Can’t you realise?
Stronger than steel
Languished and furnaced

I am anger

Brutal and honest
Blazing and raw
I am love

Longsuffering and kind
Tender and delicate
And loyal

I am everything

I am the seasons
I am winter
Icy cold, desolate and void

I am spring
Fresh and new
Bright and ready
Waiting to be picked

I am summer
Hot and boisterous
Sticky and wet

I am autumn
Falling in love
Over and
Over and
Over and
Over and
Over again

I am amazing
And strong
I am fearless

And brave
I am vulnerable
But I won’t show you that

Just know
I am everything

I am all of the things you have
Longed for
Yearned for
And masturbated over

I am your worst nightmare
That’s exactly what makes me

I am everything

I am the untameable shrew
The vicious and tempered
I am the queen
of my own universe
Proud and haughty
Solemn and sweet

I am everything

I am everything she is not
Whom ever she may be
I am everything she wishes she was
And can never hope to attain to
I am the definition of the word


And yet so near
You can embrace me
Taste me
Hold me
Caress me
Stroke me
Feel me
Lick and suck me
You can wound me
Play games with my heart
You can fuck with me
But you will never break me

I am everything

I am fear
Looked into its face
And faced
With faith

I am everything

I am woman
I am her
I am the one who emanates passion
Of all sorts

I am emotion

I am a woman of the night
And the day
I am an angel on her knees
Looking up into your eyes
while you cum on my face
and I like it
I’m good at it
And I’m not scared to take it

I fulfil your needs
And leave you hungering for more
Pining for it
Craving for more
And more and more

I quell and enrage your thirst
Your greatest desires
I suck you dry

I am challenge
Through and through
A Viking warrior
Of earnest proportions
And I am inspiration to face it
I am education
A roller coaster ride of information
Ups and downs

I am everything

I am cultured
Historicized and personified 
And well versed
I am crass, obtuse
And gaudy
I am intoxicating
Don’t you conceive

I am everything

And yet so simple
It all makes perfect sense

I am woman!
I am tits and arse and sex
I am beautiful
Of excellent calibre
Real beauty
Even when its haggard and festering
I am real

I can fly on wings
I can soar the heavens
and crash
Hard and fierce
And stand up and say yes!
Knowing full well
This is not the end
I am invincible

I am everything

I am pain
Discovered and thralled
I am tears
Self loathing and remorse
I am nothing
And all things as well

I am everything

You cannot forget me
You will not neglect me
I am woman
And don’t ever take me for granted
It’s obvious for all who care to see

I am everything

© Letitia Lee 2005

Nimbin Valley - Mother Natures heart.

sure she's a place
if you could call a heart a place

mother natures heart is
where men become men
where tribes men were initiated 

crystals are found in and on the ground
as you walk
the flowers flourish
everything flourishes

its a healing place
you don't come here
you get drawn here
by mystical forces
you get brought here
by love
to be healed
to be refreshed
to be nourished
washed clean
your worries are melted

its not just the green
or the fertile soil
its in the air

the mass consciousness doesnt touch here
not this valley
big temple dog mountains
with the biggest being known as warning
protect us here

here the air is clean
for free thought
no bill boards
programming your brain
telling you who you should be
what you should look like
sound like
dress like
have like
be like

there are no robots here
the moisture and the humidity 
rot their parts 
rusting them up
leaving them stuck and sullen
until they are escorted out
to a place they belong

they dont belong here
they cant see it
its a magical place see
so with normal eyes
you may see dirt
and mismash
but if you look just right
you may see it
and then you open your eyes in wonderment
like i do

everyday i walk
i look out around me
i see birds
i see myself standing
in a fairy tale kingdom
but nurtured by
the magical heart that holds me

she has kept me safe
this heart
she has nursed my wounds
provided sanctuary
scared the unworthy away
she has loved me
like my own mother never could
or did
she gave me peace
she soaked up my tears
and washed away the pain
and blessed me with gifts of 
and fruit
she has celebrated with me
she has never told me off
she has always taken me by the hand
and shown me the way
with compassion

she might be just a place to you
but to me
shes the home i never had

the people are different here
there are lots of lonely people here
just like everywhere
but here...
they dont settle for second best
they experience life and love simultaneously 
whether its alone
or with someone else

its easier here
because your held softly
by the valley

the animals all have names
and are greeted just like people

its a special place
its mother natures heart
its nimbin valley
where i live

© Letitia Lee 2010

notices & words


(science maths etc)

Letitia Lee proved GOD existed on 9th November 2016 without a doubt. Proof of GOD in maths. Nothing was nothing for so long it became excellent at it, therefor giving it a consciousness of true beauty.

I became satisfied on the 9th November 2016 that I could infinitely prove a GOD and Life's beginning. I could prove it by science in 2015 and prove it by Maths and physics and sacred geometry on the 9th November 2016 so this is my copyright (©Letitia Lee 2016) and I knew it always.

I also believe I was the first conscious (in contrast to pre-conscious and only by moments) human being on this planet and my first words were, "hua ha?" (dont know correct spelling, that is phonetic) which means "who am I?" I answered myself "I am" and a slight knowing that I was something other than everything else, came about. I believe I am of Australian aboriginal decent due to this and live on the same soil I did in that lifetime. I was drawn here magically.

Here's the beginning of the maths -0+* (the * stands for a maths symbol that isn't yet recognised which will be my written signature, a script L, with the greater-than similar attached to the tail of the L ). I know GOD can be proven infinitely and an infinite of ways, the answer could be any number from 0-9 cos thats all the numbers there are, but its ONE INFINITE. and I call Him/Her GOD for lack of a better word. It is a presence, not presents - so is nothing like the God of religion. It is LIFE and It is SOURCE.

Nothing was nothing for so long it became conscious of itself? Does that make sense? Does it make more sense if i use an empty set for you mathematicians? OK how about

-{}+*=GOD. So minus nothing plus infinite equals GOD. I claim that the true mathematic symbol for ONE INFINITE is as I described before as it has never been proven before now...so I would like to claim it. :)

I can answer all of it, just ask me... I'm just not putting any more on paper or on the internet, it's only in my head, and I refuse to do anything I don't want to do and I do not want to write a thesis, thank you very much. This road has been long enough. 

Don't worry LIFE itself is timeless and therefor ultimately good, GOD must be good (to continue existing) or we are not really alive...

BUT your life is up to you to do it well... infinitely simple! Nothing became conscious of itself and therefor something. the end or the beginning...

Anyone who has any clue to what Ive just said PLEASE come and join my 

'Bona Fide Geniuses Minority Group'


success coach, intuitive counsellor, Hollywood insider, witch...

the NEW Australian language


Letitia Lee 

 if i had my own way: i would change the english language. i would import words that are missing to describe things from other languages and australianise them, i would make spelling phonetic where you have to read the context to get the meaning, making you more engaged and less lazy when you speak, i'd fuck off all the old grammar rules and be a bit more poetic
writing in a line can mean a statement without any grammar
I would make capital letters mean something more than they do now, whats so important about the start of a sentence? 
it would be poetic, creative and encourage the making of new words which would make sense to everyone like 
its a way of life..think about it...do you do it? i do!
i would call it AUSTRALIAN!