Wands by Letitia Lee

​I make my wands with materials from around my area which is sacred aboriginal land, it has been used for extremely powerful magic by me and many others over millenniums and you can literally feel the magic here. Much sorcery and magick magic. My ability to store magic has been developing over the years, as has been my ability to transfer it and gift it to others, I am now able to offer my magic items to a broader audience as I have more magic available to me so therefore can share more and have more items available for you to purchase...and of course I can lower the price so everyday people can afford to order and buy them now. I am still selling bespoke items, use the contact me page to get one.

Each wand is made for a different purpose, I do not chose this purpose, I do a magic spell first to find the right wand...then I go out into nature and ask the nature spirits which branch or twig to use for the base and then go from there, reading it as I go and finding out its true properties of each layer, or element added, all done infusing your wand with pure esoteric magick magic while it is being made every step of the way... I then finish witchcrafting the wand and lastly magic it again and seal it and have it ready to send to you.

I cannot tell you how I make my wands because its a secret, but if you were to tear one apart you would find many layers of all sorts of things from feathers, to dried leaves, to receipts with letter and numbers, to pure silk, wool, symbols etc., each element has a purpose or twenty. The facade of the wand is not all that meets the eye and this is part of why my wands are so magic. A lot goes into them. From my soul to the actual choosing of each element in it and then the magic itself, which takes a lot of time to transfer in.  As with all my deep magic items you can tell how magic they are by the price.  I have made them so if you see a picture of them for sale you can use the picture to read if it's the right item for you to buy.  The wand in the picture is the actual wand you will receive, no two wands are the same. Although some may have similar elements and therefor properties and may look similar. I can make bespoke wands if one is needed for a specific purpose. POA.

My wands are not for beginners and are really only made for people who would readily call themselves, a witch, shaman, seer or the like and are totally capable of commanding such a thing and know what I'm talking about. You should already classify yourself as a holder of magic or else this wand is more or less just going to be a couple of wishes coming true instead of a lifetime friend and confidant and you are just wasting your money buying one in my opinion. Buy and own a teddy bear and learn how to telepath with that to begin with if you are new. Everyone loves the miniature teddy cuddles.

If you just use your wand like a toy, it is my magick magic sorcery you will be using (in which case your wand will run out quickly if not respected, or will need recharging once a year or so) BUT if you use your own magic, which means you use your intention + your power behind it and really concentrate on doing that, each time you use the wand it will become more and more yours, and you and it will become more and more magic. Magick grows this way, the more you use it the more magic it becomes.

All my wands speak telepathically and submit to Divine Love.  If the wand is for you or someone you know and should buy it for, it will let you know and you should have the money to pay for it as I put that in the magic :) <3 If you are buying for a spiritual type friend, please ask my assistance as I am happy to psychically read which one will suit your friend best or if at all. :)

Please note: No one has the right to interfere with another's free will, so if your spell is not in line with Divine Love it will not work! sorry! The reason I sell hexing wands is because tough love is love too. 

Without one of my wands, Inaccurate curses come back to you 4 times and bless the cursed 10 times, so be careful if you get angry and I mean it.  You take full responsibility for your own magic, all my wands are protected against harming someone who doesn't deserve it so, you, are protected from harming yourself when using one of my wands, Sorcery, Magic and Magick combined for perfect results.

Esoteric Pure Magic Magick Wands 

Letitia uses the most powerful Divine Magic possible in creating her 'talking' and magick magical pieces. Each piece will grow more magic with age, and the more you use it, the more it becomes yours and the more magic it, and you become. This is evolution of the mind. All Letitia Lee's pieces can be used by channelling and all pieces are truly alive. These are not toys and are made with the most powerful sorcery on earth....Magic and Magick. Letitia Lee is the only person allowed on this planet, to magic 'alive' pieces of Magick LIFE this way and sell them to make a living. They need no copyright as any magic piece that 'talks' MUST of been made by Letitia Lee's magic.

Please feel free to check out my sonar pics to test your telepathy :). The prices of the items depict their magic not the elements used within the item, some items have elements which maybe priceless or worthless depending on the opinion. 

made 'alive' with esoteric pure magic by Letitia Lee

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