Esoteric Pure Magic is Letitia Lee's personal ESOTERIC magick group on facebook, set up for networking, and confirmation of real ESOTERIC pure magic, especially telepathy. If you are receiving MY SHOW (the telepathic one) and want to see if its been confirmed...just check here, and keep it quiet as you should already know. 

If you would like to see my real life 5 senses 'The SHOW' click the link and join my VIP Club. Want to learn how to be the master of your own mind and live your dreams. Want to learn telepathy? Join my VIP club and also get lots of extra perks... 

There are unsavoury types who will try and psychically attack you because of what we do, please protect yourselves and there is no need to write anything, just know! If you don't know what the show is, ask whatever it is you ask, if you are ready for it. It's a telepathic update on all the work that has been done since before the 2012 shift and it will stay telepathic. If you're not there yet, you don't have enough compassion, work on it!

Please read the welcome note at the top of the group. My Esoteric Pure Magic is put it as simply as I can, is about life and death. I do LIFE MAGIC. My priority is to LIFE itself, the treasure that it is, and I demand of myself to appreciate it. be it, LIVE it and I already am to the fullest I can be, and getting better all the time!

I also have an etsy shop that sells real magic
wands and other pieces: 


and I do readings and magic spells and hexes etc via fiverr:

I am not EVER available to telepathically chat to, I work all the time...and i mean it..don't knock, not on this door! If you don't understand what i the following and know I'm him.  :)My SHOW is available telepathically, just ask your angels, and i do believe that is enough of me to give to anyone. 

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Letitia Lee 

Esoteric Pure Magic 'pieces'

Esoteric Pure Magic Magick pieces are the latest thing Letitia Lee and her team are doing to help the world evolve. Letitia uses the most powerful divine magic possible to create her 'talking' inanimate objects. Esoteric Magic Magick items have currently been bespoke only, however new products are being magicked as we speak and are now available through here:

From talking teddy bears, who give waves of love, to actual real magic wands, Letitia's magic magick pieces are one of a kind and no one in the world can ever copy them, so they will only be of greater value with age. Letitia runs her sales when she has enough stock to run one. The prices reflects the amount of magic in the item, not the cost of the elements it is made from. Much work goes into these items that is hidden by the outside facade, that it what makes it so esoteric and creates extremely powerful sorcery that is magic magick.

All that exists is made from the same energy. Letitia has used Divine Love as a direct channel, to wake her magic pieces up to be able to communicate telepathically with the human user. These objects are all made conscious and ALIVE with pure Divine Love and are connected magically by a sonar program to 'SOURCE' and have varying capabilities - All Letitia Lee's witchCRAFTed pieces speak pure divine truth and cannot be defiled. Any misuse will render their magic useless.

Telepathy is the newest stage of evolution, many are already using it - now its your turn to evolve. We can show you how, depending on how you learn best, visual or auditory, the items will assist you in that way to begin with, or until you get your brain wires awake and firing - This is evolution! 

p.s...i have gate keepers working at all times and am unavailable for telepathic chat unless prior arrangement has been made via normal means.

Esoteric Pure Magic