Letitia Lee 

Letitia's ​​Wish List

This is a list of little and big things I wish for from the universe, Some things you may have laying around and don't want to throw away but don't want to keep OR something that you think of when you read this that you really don't want and is taking up space. Please don't land fill it.

If you are guided to bring or send them to me I can be found at:

Letitia Lee
Nimbin Post Office
Cullen Street
Nimbin 2480

  • The fairy tale (It's already happening)
  • A black toy or mini poodle (x maybe) puppy for its forever home, I'm ready to find him?
  • Old bits and pieces of jewellery or gemstones
  • Witches hats (hand crafted)
  • Handmade soaps
  • Aromatherapy items and candles
  • ​Unique witchy stuff
  • Unusual Art pieces (all genres appreciated)
  • Handcrafted Items I can magick 'alive'
  • Paris Perfume by YSL
  • LV handbags in original print (vintage preferred)
  • Relics
  • Fruit trees that grow in sub tropical climate
  • Magical components I can use in wands
  • Items with personality
  • Witchy vintage clothing in black or pink only (size small)
  • An old big horse float I can up-cycle into a gypsy van  (tiny home style)
  • Anything you think Oh, I should send that to Letitia Lee to get magicked, this just should be 'alive'.
  • No skulls, blood or human bone, I don't use body parts.

*Please note all items received will be cleansed via my magic before using and magicking. All items are seen as gifts and may be sold or distributed if not kept. Magicked items can be made for you for a fee via bespoke means if you wish to keep the items, this list is just my wish list. Thanks for reading. :) If you would prefer to barter and have something on my wish list and would like to barter for a session or more let me know. 




Letitia Lee is magic and has a well developed sense of her audience, with the unique ability to reach in and grab your heart and shake it hello!

An intuitive, extremely psychic, motivational trainer, Letitia Lee specialises in witchcraft, telepathy, esoteric evolution, behavioural change, self love and self awareness, including body care such as weight gain or loss, as well as whole body integration and evolution. Letitia Lee is equally competent in assisting facilitators and mentors with design and implementation of successful training programs and business success.

Letitia Lee is the only person on earth who has been given permission to make inanimate objects alive, through being a channel for Divine Love (GOD). Letitia Lee's magicked items are the only type of their kind, and no copyright is necessary. If you come across an inanimate living object, it has been made by means of Letitia Lee's magic at 

​​Letitia works and has worked with celebrities and their managment, professional sports teams and elite athletes, stars, media personalities, psychics, healers, witches, hospitality & nightclub owners, charity organisations, various corporate organisations and everyday people. 

Letitia pracices LIFE magick not death magick and does not use skulls, spiders or death symbology. 

success coach, intuitive counsellor, Hollywood insider, witch...

Customised programs and sessions can be conducted in person, on the phone, telepathically or via Skype (in english only). 
​Esoteric Pure Magic Magicked items are available from this website under the Magic Magick Shop button and booking to study with Letitia can be made via the contact page as a conversation is imperative to it happening.
Payment method is via Paypal and in AUD.

For more information please use the contact us form located on this website.

Owning one of Letitia Lee's Esoteric Pure Magic Magick pieces is a unique experience in itself. If you want to change your life, then participating in one of Letitia’s sessions not only guarantees a unique learning opportunity, but also an interactive and life changing experience that will imprint on your memory for years to come.