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made 'alive' with esoteric pure magic by Letitia Lee

If you want to be part of my everyday life, learn to telepath and use magic, Please join now. 

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Letitia Lee uses the most powerful divine sorcery, combining magic and magick in creating her 'talking' inanimate objects. All that exists is LIFE and made from the same energy. Letitia has used Divine Love to wake her magic pieces up to be able to be conscious beings which can communicate telepathically with the human user, whilst quietening the mind to make it easier to 'hear'.

These pieces of witchCRAFT are all made conscious with Pure Divine Love and are connected magically by a sonar program to 'Divine Source' (God, I believe it's called) and have varying capabilities - All 'speak' pure divine truth and cannot be defiled from love. Any misuse will render their magic useless to that user. Letitia Lee's pieces will only work if you are working in line with love, even if it's tough love, sometimes people need to be cursed to wake them up and help them.

All Letitia's magicked magical pieces have a telepathic voice, telepathy is just one of the newest stages of evolution, many are already using it - now it's your turn to evolve. We can show you how. Depending on how you learn best — whether you’re primarily visual or auditory — the items will assist you in that way to begin with, until you get your brain’s wires awake and firing.

Pieces of Magic Magick...

Halcyon Program

Letitia Lee makes actual real magic magick wands that work, not toys. It takes from a week to a month to witchCRAFT each one and put all the different elements needed into them which is why it's called magic, magick witchCRAFT! We live in a real world so our magic happens slowly...but it does happen.

As long as you are in line with love, and that can include loving yourself and tough love, It's guaranteed if you buy one of my wands, it will work. You are most welcome to help the whole world including yourself with these               ...tough love is still love, which is why I also sell hexing wands.

If you want to change your body yet hate dieting. If you would rather eat what you feel like, get results and never feel guilty... It's time to tune into your body and you will never have to diet again.

This program is a bespoke program designed especially for you. Letitia will teach you how to find out what you want from your body and how to program your brain to achieve the results you desire, without diet or exercise.

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integrity, loyalty, truth, magic, natural insight, growth, coaching, motivation, success! ...learn from someone who

has already mastered it.

Adore​ Program

For masters in their field, be it Hollywood entertainers, business, lightwork or witchcraft. Everyone needs a coach. Letitia focuses on using her unique skill set on an individualized basis and assists you to get in touch with your current and most important needs, and can also help you achieve your dreams. This is in order for you to stay wholistically healthy and balanced, so you can  be continually successful. Confidentiality is part of what has made Letitia Lee so successful and all information is classified.


To test quickly if this is for you, use the intuition you have (This is for a niche audience. The information is for those who are already awakening, not absolute beginners),  feel inside your stomach, your truth, and just ask the question to yourself..."is this for me?" and if you get a yes...keep reading and welcome.

This image is 'alive' and can telepath, tune into it and ask a question